1. At least complete 30 credits, including 6 for dissertation.
  2. Graduates may have the maximum of 18 credits for each semester.
  3. The subjects and credits of the courses offered by the institutes in the school and by the schools which signed the MOU with Kaohsuing Medical University, can be approved by  the confirmation of both the instructor and the Director of the Master Program in Toxicology.
  4. Graduate students who take a bachelor's degree will pass the test of 60. If they fail, they will not be retaken. The credits and grades of the bachelor's course are not included in the semester, graduation average and academic scores.
  5. Graduate students are required to check the comparison report of the online detection comparison system (Turnitin) before the oral examination and the finalization of the paper.
  6. Students who are not enrolled in toxicology, pharmacology, or physiology during the university program must take at least 2 credits in toxicology, pharmacology, or physiology-related courses at the University program, but are not included in the credits.
  7. Prior to graduation, the research results related to the master's thesis will be published by the first author at relevant domestic and foreign academic seminars (oral report or post academic poster). The relevant certificate paper materials need to be attached for review.
  8. Before graduate, graduates whose native language is not English must provide official  proof of English proficiency with    scores at or above the following levels. Or taking the courses that meet the needs of graduation in school.
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